Evan is currently working at Northview Church in Carmel, Indiana as a System Engineer. He is responsible for upkeep, maintenance and improvements to all production elements and assets across the Northview campuses.

Evan is also currently actively involved in front-end and application development for small to medium enterprise solutions.

Previously Evan has worked for clients and companies such as Majestic Productions, 268 Generation, Christ In Youth, Indiana Ministries, MIBOR, Design 54 and Local Production Companies in the Midwest.


About Evan.

Music Tastes:
m83, Coldplay, U2

PHP, SQL, Obj-C, Swift, Javascript, CSS.

Barco Field Servicing Series,
Class 1 NCCCO Rigging,
CompTIA A+,
CompTIA N+,
Dante I & II,
Elation Repair Series,
GrandMA Network Class II,
Martin Max Viper Series
Martin Max III Series
Martin LED Head Series V1 & V2

Clair Lifting Systems,
High End Series,
GrandMA 2 Series,
Renewed Vision Systems,
Barco Control Systems